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Newsletter 2011 (Summer)


Dear Daniels Gate Residents,

With the summer underway, we have seen a great increase in the usage of the pool and the clubhouse and we hope that is due to the improvements that the Daniels Gate Recreation Center Board implemented.  This year, the Board is continuing to make improvements and is striving to provide a fun environment for all the residents of Daniels Gate.


A few announcements:


I.    New pool heater being installed

·   We have had issues with the old pool heater (water not warm enough, slow to heat, pilot light going out, etc.), so the Board has made the decision to replace the 12 year old heater

·   The heater replacement will be July 5th thru July 8th.  The pool will still be open, but the water will not be heated.

II.    Pool access

·   The access system at the clubhouse and pool was changed in 2010 and new pool keys were sent to each homeowner in May 2010. You must use your card to access the pool.  If you are having issues with your card, please contact Client Preference at 303-991-2766.

·   The pool is only for Daniels Gate residents, so please ensure the pool gate is locked at all times. If you see people hopping over the fence to get in, please report them to the Pool Attendant.

III.    Pool etiquette and rules

·   Pool rules are posted on signs throughout the pool area – if you do not abide by the rules, the Pool Attendant will ask all violaters to leave the pool and you may loose your pool privileges

·   No water balloons or selling of food/drinks is allowed in the pool

·   Please keep all food/drinks at least 10 feet away from the pool area and please pick-up your trash when you leave.  We are seeing a great deal of litter around the pool – this is your pool, so please keep it tidy.

·   You are allowed to bring in a “guest” but not allowed to bring in more than 3 guests.

·   The restrooms are provided for your usage, so please be respectful of others and use the facility properly as we have seen an increase of damage to the restrooms. The facility is yours, so please treat the property as if it was your own.

On behalf of the Daniels Gate Recreation Board, we hope you are enjoying the pool and clubhouse.  Have a great summer!



The Daniels Gate Recreation Association Board

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